Karate Mirrors Life

“You can always improve your punch”

One of my karate teachers used to say this all the time in class.

After the warm-up, the first part of karate class is often focused on basic sets of punches and kicks. The idea behind “You can always improve your punch” is this: No matter how long you’ve been training or what belt rank you’ve reached, there are always ways to hone even basic techniques.

I’ve been training in martial arts since 2006, and I still enjoy doing basics. There’s something comforting and meditative about drilling basic techniques. But I also like to look for ways to make each technique better, more precise, more powerful.

I get my cues for refining techniques from my teachers and training partners. For instance, the teacher might ask us to focus on generating more power each time we do the technique, or a fellow student might ask a question that shifts the way I think about the technique.

Karate Mirrors Life

The same is true with writing. Although I’ve been working with words for more than two decades, I don’t know it all, and I like to remain curious and open to learning tips for strengthening my writing.

I love following other writers and editors on social media because I learn from them and get different perspectives.

All of this helps me be a better writer and do better work for my clients.

What do you do to sharpen your skills?