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Are you a seasoned ex-corporate consultant who started your own consulting business?

Do you struggle to deliver consistently professional-looking writing that reflects well on your business?

Do you want to ensure a consistent brand experience for your clients?

You’ve worked hard to make a name for yourself, and anything you write for your business is an important part of your company’s image.

Don’t let sloppy, inconsistent writing damage your credibility.

If you’re ready to stop winging it and start delivering on-brand, professional-looking writing that showcases your expertise, I can help.

I’m a technical writer with 20 years of experience helping clients like you develop a consistent brand voice.

I’m passionate about helping my clients shine through clear, concise writing that resonates with each client’s intended audience.

Interested in working with me? Book a discovery call today.

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Sophie Michals

I’m a technical writer with 20 years of experience writing and editing for companies that specialize in urban planning, engineering, architecture, biotechnology, and executive assessment and development. I also have deep experience managing large editorial projects and creating company writing standards.

My mission is to help ex-corporate consultants who are starting their own business shine with professional, on-brand writing that showcases their expertise.

Call to ask any question.
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My Specialties

  • 1Establishing Writing Standards
  • 2Technical Writing and Editing

Sophie’s Blog

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